Super Brain Smart Drugs: The Wonders of Addium

 AddiumHow much of our brain do we actually use every dayThe theory that we use 10% has been challenged vehemently and one good argumentstates that the 10% stands for how much modern science has discoveredabout the human brain so far and not how much of it we useWhile thisargument is backed by somewhat solid evidenceimagine if you couldactually guarantee 100% use of your brain’s capacityRemember theHollywood blockbusters Lucy and LimitlessThere have been claims that some nootropics such as Addium can enhance your focusintelligence and energy to almostsuperhuman levels but how true is thatDoes Addium really workCan you actually unlock 100%of your brain’s potential using smart drugs?

So What Is Addium And What Is It Made Of?

AddiumTheir official website calls it a “Cerebral Enhancement Complex”. According to the developers of thisAddium smart drugit enables you to increase your cognitive energy to significant levelsThis allows you to improve your focus and thinking thereby making you competitive especially inprofessional fieldsSome online addium reviews claim that you can also take it to become just atypical everyday life genius!

The Addium formula comprises of the following:

  • Alpha GPCimproves neurotransmission
  • Huperzine Athis is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor
  • Tyrosine: L-tyrosine improves general alertness of the brain
  • Bacopa Monnierithis will increase your cognitive function as well as the flow of blood to thebrain
  • Vinpocetine: ATP energy production goes up as your brain utilizes glucose more efficiently
  • GABA: no overexcitement means better directed thinking

How Does Addium Work?

focus-brain As you can clearly tell from the combination of ingredients,Addium works by ensuring that you are well motivatedalertand more importantlyfocused. Huperzine which is widely usedon Alzheimer patients has been tested clinically and proven toenhance memory as well as correct memory impairment mostly if it is age relatedOther functions of Huperzine includeenhancing the learning processThe inclusion of Bacoba Monnieri in the formula also shows the drugs ability to help theuser have above average memoryPeople who suffer frommild A.D.Dand small bouts Amnesia can benefit a lot from AddiumGenerally speakingthis smart drug is designed to speed up your brain’s response and processing capabilities by increasing thefunction of the acetylcholine neurotransmitterAll this while reducing stress levels and regulatingblood pressure.There are three main benefits that every Addium user expects to see when theystart using the smart drug.

Amplified Brain Power

Increase your mental vigilance right from the first pillAll the nootropics used in the manufacture of this brain boosting smart drug are scientifically engineered to help the user experience increased mental performance by improving general brain activityAddium achieves this by acting on the NMDA glutamate receptors and ACh cholinergic receptors which are critical for memory and knowledge absorption.

Enhanced Energy

If you are looking for an energy booster that delivers the kick in minutes but lasts you the greater part of the day the Addium is the product for youGet up to six hours of bursting energy without having to take other energy drinks such as coffeeAddium has a combination of stimulants that are powerful enough to give you lasting energy and reduced jitters with no harmful side effects at all!

Better Focus

One of the ways Addium works to your advantage is helping you stay focused on tasks by constantly ignoring any distractionsYou will find yourself more alert with better concentration and more motivationJust staying zoomed in on different tasks allows you to accomplish more in a day.

What are Others Saying About Addium?

AddiumAcording to addium reviews onlineone of the most important factors that should be singled out is the fact that there are no side effectsNone of the reported cases of use or studies havehighlighted even the slightest case of side effects related to Addium’s useThere is a small number of people who have claimed that Addium did not work for them and they did not see or experience any change.

Howevermany successful stories from students and professionals in the business and teaching industries have showered praise on this smart drug calling it the “Limitless pill”. Despite lack ofconcrete scientific evidence on the effectiveness of smart drugsaddium reviewers on their official website have cited significant improvements at work especially Allison Joyce who is a 2nd grade teacher and Austin Carlsen, a real estate agent. Joyce has since managed to kick her long timeaddiction to coffee among other stimulants.

How to Get Addium

If you ever decide that Addium is the thing for youthen acquiring this wonder drug is not hardAll you have to do is order through their websiteThere are 3 ordering options available;

  •     1 month supply – which costs you about $39.95
  •     2 months supply – $64.95
  •     3 months supply – which is mostly recommended goes for $89.95

All the above prizes are discounted.There is also a 30 days money back guarantee where they offerto give you back a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the product which is fairly common.

Final Word On Addium

As more and more “smart drug” users in the form of work professionals and college studentsemergethe brain supplement industry has made major leaps in popularityThe use of nootropicssuch as Addium has continued on a steady rise even with the many complaints about FDA approval and lack of enough scientific backingA considerable number of people have shownconcern about the underhand marketing gimmicks used by some of the manufacturersThere however has not been any reported case of side effects when using Addium.

Addium manufacturers claim that the smart drug takes effect on the user within 30 minutes after swallowing the first pill but this effect is different on various usersAlthough there is no solid proof that Addium actually works 100% to increase brain activitywe can safely say that the improvements on memory narrowly wiggle through the “critics’ noose” judging by the number ofonline addium reviews supporting this assertion.Rememberit is always advised to talk to a professional or your physician before taking any prescription drugs.

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